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Car Parts Every Car Owner Should Know

A car is made up of several components that seamlessly work together leading to unimaginable performance efficiency. Therefore, the breakdown of a single part or malfunction of a particular component can result in a whole car breaking down or performance inefficiency. As a car owner understanding some of these components, how they work, and how to maintain them can save you a lot of trouble down the line. Furthermore, knowing some of the vital car parts can save you from taking your car for maintenance and DIY saving you some costs. When you know the functionalities and maintenance of some major car components can help in making a reasonable decision when buying new parts. As cars are made of different parts you do not need to master all of them, just the critical ones. The article outlines some of the common car components you need to know, their task, and how to maintain them, so continue reading.

A radiator is one of the things you need to know. Radiator is a vital car component because it keeps the engine from overheating by ensuring the temperatures remain reasonably low. Radiator is below the hood and for this part to work effectively it requires coolants. Therefore, it is always good to ensure you regularly check the coolants. It is recommended that you check coolants at least twice a year. Change coolants in case you notice a change in color than the usual. This ensures your radiator is in the right condition to perform efficiently.

A car engine is another important part you need to know about. The engine is the heart of every car. To ensure the engine is always in the right condition for maximum performance you need to keep track of the integrity and condition of the drive belts. These rubber belts transmit power from the crankshaft to the car’s steering, water pump, air conditioning system, and any other device of the car. It is good therefore to check the integrity of this belt because they wear off even under normal car use. There is no recommended duration when you need to change them but in most cases, it is recommended you change the serpentine belt after clocking 40 000 miles while the timing belt should be considered for replacement after 60 000 miles. At the same time check engine oils. The engine oil is responsible for the smooth movement of various parts within the engine. You may hear some noises and knocking inside your engine when the engine oil is low or overused.

Learning what an alternator is and its purpose in a car is also important. This is among the key component in vehicles because it is responsible for converting mechanical energy to electrical energy that is required to power the electrical devices of your car. An alternator also charges your car battery. If this device malfunctions it overcharges your battery and you can notice this by a swelled battery. When you see such a thing it is recommended that you take your car to a reliable and experienced car repair mechanic. Those are few car parts you need to know.

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